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In 1961, when Memorex was established in Silicon Valley, the company specialized in computer tapes that provided exact imitation playback. As time went on, they expanded into other recordable media including compact discs, DVDs, flash memory and other computer accessories and electronics. Known for the high quality of their recording media, they are still recognized by their slogan äóìis it live or is it Memorex?äó The Memorex of today is most well known for the distribution of their branded portable audio players, ipod accessories, flat panel televisions, blu-ray disc players, flash drives, compact discs and DVDs.

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  • stacey

    i have downloaded a website on a memorex cd rw blank cd and i want to know how i can convert that to work in my portable dvd player

  • candy

    the lot of some radio CD players AlarM just recently bought came defective And None Answers the phone for customer service ‘-‘

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